Object Oriented Study Guide

This study guide is intended to help you prepare for the object oriented exam questions. The following questions will not appear on the official exams, but have been designed to highlight key concepts that will covered and approximate the level of difficulty of the exam questions.

Please bear in mind that all Deep Dive Coding Assessment Exams are open book, open internet, open PHP parser, and open Google.

Object Oriented

  • Know what encapsulation is and be able to define it
  • Know the purpose of an accessor method
  • Know the purpose of a mutator method
  • Know the purpose of the __construct() and __toString() methods
  • Know what a magic method (contract) is
  • Know the difference between an interface and trait is, and when to use each
  • Know inheritance and the impact of the final keyword
  • Know what a type hint is and the consequences of violating a type hint
  • Know the SplFixedArray class
  • Know the difference between composition and inheritance
  • Know what input sanitization methods to apply for different data types
  • Know the diamond problem and what its possible solutions are