Configuring ssh and git

Important Links

Several important links are mentioned in the video. They are:


Several important commands are mentioned in the video. They are:

Homebrew PHP Installation

When installing php using php using homebrew, do not issue the brew tap homebrew/php command. Doing so will result in an error. Instead, skip that and continue with the next command.

SSH Key and Config

If you are having difficulty with the video's ssh-keygen command, you can try using the following command instead.
ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa
If you do so, you will need to alter the file you get later using the curl command. Open the file at ~/.ssh/config and change the last line to read
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

The screencast mentions a command to download SSH configuration. The verbal narration in the video states the incorrect URL. The correct command is:
curl -o ~/.ssh/config

Configuring git

  1. git config --global your@email.address
  2. git config --global "Your Name"
  3. git config --global pull.rebase true
  4. git config --global push.default simple

Connecting to the server with ssh

The SSH command to connect is:
where USERNAME is your CNM username.


GitHub is a site that will the staging area for all the code you in this class, and when you leave this class. Think of it as a living, expanding professional portfolio of code you have written. The main idea of using GitHub is twofold:

  1. To collaborate with your teammates during class and be an effective group member
  2. To have an easily accessible center for all your work to share with future employers

The video will walk you through signing up for a GitHub/ account. Since this will be a professional account, it is important you use a professional username. Make sure the username is something you'll have no shame in sharing with future employers. Your first and last name (or a slight variation) is recommended.