Configuring PhpStorm

Important Links

Several important links are mentioned in the video. They are:

Import Repository to PhpStorm

Once the repository has been created, it can be imported to PhpStorm. To import it:

  1. Copy the repository's SSH URL by selecting the SSH URL from SSH Clone URL in the right nav of the repository. If this reads HTTPS Clone URL, change it to SSH before copying by clicking the SSH link.
  2. Select Checkout from Version Control and select the git option (NOT the GitHub option) as seen in Figure 1.
  3. Paste the repository URL into the Git Repository URL, as shown in Figure 2.
  4. Click Test to ensure the URL is correct.
  5. Click Clone.
Figure 1: Import Existing GitHub Project
Figure 2: Clone GitHub Project

Create a Deployment

A deployment is a place on the web server where the project files will be deployed and tested. This directory will be constantly synchronized with the web server. To deploy it:

  1. FileSettings (Ctrl + Alt + S) on Windows or ⌘ , on MacOS.
  2. Click Deployment.
  3. Name the deployment the same as the project and select SFTP.
  4. Enter the following values for the next screen. Replace localUsername, username and prework with the local username, server username and project name, respectively:
    1. SFTP Host:
    2. Root Path: /home/username/public_html/prework
    3. User name: username
    4. Auth Type: Key Pair
    5. Private Key File: /Users/localUsername/.ssh/id_rsa on Mac OS X or c:\Users\localUsername\Desktop\bootcamp\ssh-key.openssh on Windows
    6. Enter the SSH key passphrase and click Save Passphrase.
    7. Web server root URL:
  5. A full example of this screen is in Figure 3.
  6. Click the Mappings tab.
  7. If enabled, click Use this server as default.
  8. Enter a slash (/) in the deployment path.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Connect to SSH using the Terminal (Linux/MacOS) or PuTTY (Windows)
  11. Enter the following commands into the SSH session:
    1. cd public_html
    2. mkdir prework
    3. exit
Figure 3: SFTP Server Settings

Assignment: Slack us your info

When the example site has been deployed to GitHub and to the server, find the custom Slack channel that has been created for you and the members of the instructor team. Send a message to that channel with:

  1. The URL of your deployment of the server
  2. The URL of your GitHub repository

Also, check out your cohort channel, and post there with any questions or concerns. When you have completed this assignment, you have joined the proud ranks of web developers. Welcome, and we look forward to meeting you in class! Be sure to continue the rest of the prework to finish preparing yourself for class.