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PWP Milestones Two and Three


The purpose of Milestone 2 is to map out in further detail the User Experience and Interaction Design for the PWP, and to begin defining a User Interface by creating mockups or wireframes for each page layout. After successful completion of Milestone 2 you may begin development.

Milestone 3 will be a mid-development check-in/code review.


  • Document a brief plan or strategy for your content that will support the overall purpose of your site.
  • You’ll create a set of digital wireframes using a tool or method of your choice. A minimum of one wireframe for mobile and one wireframe for desktop/laptop are required.
  • Your instructors/tech leads will check in with you mid-development to see how things are progressing.

Milestone 2 Requirements

Create a new document inside the /documentation directory titled milestone-2.php. Simply document the requirements below in simple, valid HTML. No CSS or styling is necessary or required.

Content Strategy

Document - in detail - the content you plan to feature in each section of your site. Be sure to include any details regarding interactive features and functionality that you wish to include. You are not expected to have any actual content prepared at this time, rather only a plan for the kind of content you would like to feature.

Keep this section brief and succinct, yet detailed enough to guide your development phase. One paragraph per content section should be sufficient. Use the Sample PWP Milestones as a guide.


One mobile and one desktop wireframe will be required for your project.

Your wireframes may be created using the tool of your choice, but they must be in an electronic format.

Tool choices for your wireframes may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Place your wireframe images in your milestone-2.php document. Image files must be less than 2MB in size, and in SVG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF format.

 After instructor sign-off on Milestone 2, you are clear to begin development on your PWP.

Milestone 3 Requirements

Milestone 3 is a mid-development check-in and code review. You'll meet with your instructors one-on-one to discuss your development progress and any challenges you may be facing. These checkin appointments will be held over the course of several days during open work time.


In order to receive a sign-off on these milestones, all requirements outlined above must be met or exceeded.

If requirements have not been met by the due date, or if your instructors/PMs request that additional work on this milestone be done, an additional meeting will be scheduled.