PWP Milestone Four


Milestone 4 represents the final delivery of your complete Personal Website Project. Yay! :D

Your PWP should be actively deployed to your web host and accessible from your own domain name on the due date listed below. Your contact form should also be fully functional.


Your instructors will check the status of your deployment and GitHub repository on the morning of the due date below. Your code will be reviewed. Be prepared to give a brief, informal presentation of your PWP on Graduation Day. You will also have an opportunity to present your Personal Website on Capstone Demo Day (optional).


Please refer to the PWP Grading Rubric for details regarding all Project Requirements and Minimum Technical Requirements. All of your code is expected to adhere to the Deep Dive Coding Style Guide. Your PWP should be deployed live to your web host and accessible via your own domain name at this time. You contact form is expected to be fully functional.