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Keyboard Shortcuts

Table 1: Cross Platform Keyboard Shortcuts
Mac OS XWindowsComment
- TabAlt - TabChange active window
- space Open Spotlight (Mac OS X) or Start Menu (Windows 10), allows you to search for applications and documents
- - /F1Open the help menu of any application, allows you to search for menu items
Ctrl - or N / AMoves from one workspace to another
Ctrl - N / AShow all open windows in an application, use right and left arrows to select and enter to choose the window you want
- or N / AMoves to the beginning or end of a line
- or PgUp or PgDnPage up or page down
- or - or Selects text
- - or N / AHighlights to the beginning or end of a line
- CCtrl - CCopies highlighted text
- VCtrl - VPastes in copied text
- XCtrl - XCuts text (copies highlighted text to clipboard and deletes it)
- ACtrl - AHighlights all the text in a document
- SCtrl - SSaves a document
- FCtrl - FFinds text in a document
- WCtrl - WCloses a window
- OCtrl - OOpen a new file
- ZCtrl - ZUndo
- - ZCtrl - YRedo
- RCtrl - RReload browser page
- TCtrl - TOpen a new tab
- QAlt - F4Quits an application
- ,N / AOpens options for any application
Ctrl - TabCtrl - TabCycles through tabs in an application
fn - DeleteDeleteDeletes the character before the cursor
- - EscCtrl - - EscOpens the task manager
- Alt - Back

Web Browsers

Each web browser has it's own set of keyboard shortcuts for navigation and more sophisticated features.


  1. Open several applications and practice switching between them.
  2. Mac and Linux users: practice opening applications on different desktops/workspaces and switching between those desktops/workspaces.
  3. Open a text editor of your choice, practice selecting, copying, pasting and cutting text.
  4. Open the keyboard-shortcuts-practice.txt file and rearrange the text in the order indicated in the document.
  5. Open a web browser, go to DuckDuckGo, search for mdn, open the Mozilla Developer Network site, save the page as a PDF to your downloads directory.
  6. Browse to the downloads directory and open that PDF file.