JavaScript Events: Assignment

Assignment: "Literary Mutilator"

Download or create some filler text, nonsense text that is used for testing templates and JavaScript. This filler text can be from any source you like. Suggested sources:

Setup Assignment

Create a new assignment using the following steps:

  1. Create a GitHub repository named literary-mutilator for the assignment.
  2. Create a deployment for the assignment on
  3. Download or create three paragraphs of filler text, no matter what the source is.
  4. Put each paragraph in its own <p> tag.
  5. Choose two options from at least two different tiers from Table 1.

Assignment Options

Hint: Use an HTML Form to compete the assignments if you can!

Table 1: Different Assignment Options
Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
  • Change text color
  • Change text font
  • Highlight entire paragraph
  • Find & replace
  • Highlight word
  • Map the scroll event to delete one word at a time
  • Shuffle words in random order
  • React to keyboard events
  • Find & replace using regular expressions
  • ROT13 “encryption”
  • Create anagrams of all words
  • Use the HTML5 drag & drop events
  • Load a <p> tag from the JSONPlaceholder using the XMLHttpRequest object and/or Fetch API

Each tier is progressively more difficult. Choose two options from two different tiers based on your own individual comfort level. Keep yourself challenged; don't overwhelm yourself.

This tier is available if and only if mastery has been shown for two Tier III options.